No Skype Lessons for 4 Year Olds Please


Here’s a quick question.  What in the world would make any parent think that an English lesson on the computer by Skype with a four year old is a good idea?  Should I repeat that for a second….A FOUR YEAR OLD.  

I have to explain what happened.  I had a lesson with this little Ompa Loompa today for a second time.  I recently cut a lot of hair off so I didn’t look the same.  The minute she came on screen I could hear her saying in Japanese, “Who is that??” Baby girl, I cut my hair.  I’m the same human.

Then after about 3 minutes of me asking her simple questions: weather, how she’s feeling, how old she is, to get her warmed up for the rest of the lesson, I hear her then say in Japanese “This teacher sucks” (この先生やだ)Right, so she’s four years old so no fucking filter, which I get it, I get told to my face a lot of the time how much kids don’t like me, but it’s usually from malicious teenagers, but for some reason this one hurt a bit more.  Anyways, right away she was uncomfortable with me.  I wish her mom stuck by her side  for the full lesson instead of walking away every chance she got because this girl was not having it. She just didn’t like me from the start, thus didn’t want to have fun.

Thing’s I’ve learned, when it’s a kid this young, you have to turn it on.  As in, look super stupid animated and smiley and just have them do active games instead of drilling.  My mistake for sure was trying to have her use materials I technically was supposed to use like the online textbook.  Obviously I have no practice with a kid this young, but then again my question still arises, WHY subject a kid so young to this??

I think the mother probably shouldn’t leave the kid sitting there, I get it when your kid is just playing, but if the child is learning and it’s from home, I feel it’s important to have the parent active in participating with them.  Just my opinion, if you believe a mom or dad should leave their 4 year old child unattended in front of a computer for a full 30 minutes, then by all means…

Anyways I’m sooo excited to have to explain to my boss why the mother gave me such a crappy review for this lesson.  He is such a sexist twat, he wont listen to anything I say to begin with so I’ll just say I’ll do better.

One thing that I think all teachers should live by is that not everyone is going to like you or your lessons.  And as much as I need to be taking this advice at this moment I’m licking my wounds in a dark corner haha.



Still New, Still Angry

Today after my boss critiqued me on how I was conducting my Skype lessons I kinda lost it.

I found myself questioning everything my boss was telling me. From how and when we teach certain grammar to if I should be using Japanese in a lesson ( especially if the kids have no idea what I’m saying).

My teaching beliefs do not coincide with my bosses. I personally believe using Japanese every now and then isn’t a big deal and in my experience kids will do less shit talking and feel closer to you if they know you can speak their native tongue. I also don’t think it’s an issue to skip around with material But here is what I keep forgetting:

I’m still new.

Fresh like baked bread. Is it really smart for me to be challenging my boss? Mehhh probably not. And immediately after, I realized that maybe instead of a long discussion, I probably should have just agreed and let it go. He’s an older guy, he’s been doing this a long time. Even though I’m fresh and he brought me in for new ideas and so on, he probably is just going to do what he wants.

So no matter how many times I tell him Skype lessons on Saturday isn’t the best day for traffic…he still believes it is.

So for an eight hour work day, I’ll have 1 or 2 half hour lessons and then…I’ll just fuck around on my computer. Hey I’m getting paid right?

Lesson: Let it go. The weekend is almost here.


Today I’m taking some time to notice the smaller details in life.

Take this pretty blue dress for example.  It’s only lived a short life in my possession but every single time I put it on I feel fantastic. Do you have pieces of clothing like that?  No matter how many times you wear it you feel like a million bucks?  I feel like a fairy princess in this thing and it’s awesome.

Given the severity of my last blog post I thought I’d take a step back and really talk about some lighter things.  Like how much I love this tea pictured below, or how happy I am to finally get some cooler weather.  Or the fact that I’m so excited about all the good TV I’ve been watching these days.  If only I could finally stop whining and watch the rest of The Walking Dead and find a place to watch season 2 of Westworld.

For real though, I may just chuck all my jeans out and only wear comfy dresses like this one from now on…

Thanks for stopping by 😀