Missing You

Missing you lots today.

So I drew you, and a random version of myself that doesn’t really look like me at all….


Trust Me Baby

Trust me baby, take my hand, let’s go on this ride of life, together soon though for now, we are apart.

I think of you almost every day. It pains me to not have you with me for morning coffee and catlike play.

You are the person who has been so true, and only lied when it was about your own needs, like an empty stomach or having to go to the loo.

I miss you so badly but part of me knows, I have to do this for me but mostly for you. To learn more about myself and what lies beyond, learning to rely less on you and use my own strengths, I hope it goes okay and isn’t a mess.

And to you my friend whom I miss so clearly, don’t forget about me young dearling.

Let’s break things down and burn a city, just kidding, only joking…..not really.


I feel more disconnected than ever.

From everyone.

I know this is supposed to be time focused on myself.

Maybe this is supposed to make me stronger. Be more independent.

I guess I just have questions. Questions I guess will have to wait till later.